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Technology for Europe

Using Technology to Deliver Confidence

Throughout its Palletline journey, every consignment we transport across Europe is monitored by our robust track and trace system to ensure that we have full visibility, every step of the way.

Before the consignment even leaves the UK, your palletised freight will have passed through six scan points, recorded to confirm transit times through the Hub, passing quality checks and arriving at the specific UK departure point.

Our European Member then take over the mantel, ensuring that full visibility of line haul movements to the European country and progress of your freight is tracked on their systems.

All deliveries will be recorded on a hard copy Proof of Delivery document (POD), copies of which are scanned in to the track and trace systems, this enables you to track your pallets on their journey to each check-point.

Your local Palletline member has full access to the track and trace information together with POD confirmation details so can confidently confirm delivery times.

We have developed our technology to ensure we are offering the same Palletline standards right across the UK and Europe.