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Driving technology to make pallet deliveries simple

Palletline is continually investing in market leading and developing custom technology to ensure each of our customers are gaining the best from our distribution services. Our full Track and Trace system offers total transparency and provides our customers with complete confidence as their pallets can be tracked during every step of their journey.

Combined with our digital signature capture on delivery, customers are provided a POD within minutes of completion allowing invoices to be processed with more efficiency and improve business cash flow.

What does this mean for you?

  • Significantly improved visibility - with a transparent tracking system you can monitor your pallets journey, every step of the way

  • Access to digital signature capture online via our web portal

  • Immediate awareness of any delivery or collection issues - improving your customer service

  • Reduced resource and cost throughout the supply chain means that we can provide you with a more cost-effective solution - passing on the savings

  • Automated claims system so that if something does happen, we'll deal with it quickly and effectively

  • Palletline has a range of sophisticated IT solutions that provide you with a total and transparent system. These solutions have helped to drive the pallet network industry into the twenty-first century.

Driving Visibility: Next Generation Pallet Tracking; Palleteyes

Integrated into Palletline’s new forklift truck fleet from Linde, Palleteyes utilises the latest in CCTV technology, wide-aspect barcode scanners and event processing to deliver the most advanced levels of visibility and traceability across palletised freight sector. Find out more.

Driving Service Accuracy: Photo on Delivery

Palletline's new Photo-On-Delivery service is available alongside our Digital Signature Capture for enhanced Proof of Delivery (POD), providing photo evidence of successfully completed deliveries.

Driving Communications:  Digital Signature Capture

Our totally automated procedure uploads the Proof of Delivery (POD) signature within moments of the delivery being completed.  This provides a real time, downloadable POD document for your deliveries, enabling you to confirm receipt and invoice your customers.

Driving Customer Satisfaction: Online Job Entry 

Our members can offer customers online job entry. This allows you to upload details of your consignments simply and effectively in one easy-to-use location online. This provides a more efficient service than many competitors, reducing the need for timely phone calls to arrange collections and deliveries. Simply enter your consignment online and your local Palletline member will take care of the rest.

Driving Efficiency: Reducing Empty Vehicles

Our system also offers a wealth of support for each of our members, particularly in the efficient management of their vehicles. Members can view the quantity of pallets for their depot in real time, allowing them to plan vehicle operation effectively; reducing empty running time and keeping services as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.


Quite simply, Contrado is the most advanced consignment management system in the industry. The result of over four years’ development and around £1 million in investment, the bespoke Contrado system places us ahead of the competition in the sheer number of features alone. This one-of-a-kind system works seamlessly with our members’ traffic management systems to provide complete delivery visibility for customers. Palletline’s centralised billing system is hosted within Contrado, defining our customer focus to provide a simple platform that works seamlessly with our systems as well as our member systems and processes.

Billing and job information is all held electronically and centrally, providing an effective integration when monitoring, from initial enquiry through to delivery tracking and through to final completion. Any changes are immediately showcased in the bottom line. As well as complete tracking capabilities, Contrado allows easy and fast booking of jobs. Working alongside Palletline’s market leading digital signature capture and GPS driver tracking, Contrado identifies any potential delivery issues and solves them efficiently in real time. Contrado allows Palletline to ensure consistently high levels of service across our network.