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Long Serving Palletline Employees

Here at Palletline we recognise that a strong business is built on quality and consistency – so staff who stay for the duration are genuinely the reason for Palletline’s continued success.  As such, we would like to take the opportunity to thank Sue Herbert and Sue Mason who are both celebrating 15 years with Palletline and Fred Smith who is celebrating 10 years with Palletline. Having a combined service of 40 years is extremely impressive for a business that was established in 1992.

Sue Herbert joined Palletline back in March 2003 as an Executive PA to the Managing Director. Sue is considered a fundamental member of the Palletline team and over the past 15 years, she has provided a confidential service in an efficient, organised and professional manner to the Directors of Palletline.  Sue Mason joined the facilities department as the Office Cleaner in March 2003. Sue is responsible for maintaining the overall cleanliness of Palletline’s premises and does this to an extremely high standard. Sue has been a dependable and conscientious worker over her 15 years with Palletline. Fred Smith joined Palletline in March 2008 as an FLT Operative. Fred is an enthusiastic member of the day shift, always helping to ensure the shift runs smoothly.

Graham Leitch, Group Managing Director, Palletline Ltd comments: “Sue Herbert, Sue Mason and Fred Smith are all valued members of staff who always go above and beyond in their respective fields of work. I always enjoy recognising loyal members of the Palletline team and with a joint service of 40 years, they really have helped shape Palletline into the company we see today. I would genuinely like to thank all three of them for their hard-work and commitment over the past 10 and 15 years.”

The network would also like to reiterate its thanks to all employees for their continued commitment to making Palletline the best network!



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