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Logistics Profile - Emma Archer (Compliance Manager)

Name: Emma Archer

Job title: Compliance Manager

Company name: S&S Distribution

Time with current company: 20 years


Tell us a little about your career journey and what made you choose to work in logistics:

My logistics journey first started with an evening job as a data entry clerk at a local parcels firm as it seemed like an ideal fit with my role as a new mum.

I’ve now been at S&S Distribution for over 20 years. I started in the traffic office and progressed to supervisor level, which then gave me the opportunity to experience night planning, collection planning, delivery planning and customer care, before looking to my current role of Compliance Manager.


What does an average day at work look like for you?

I am responsible for a wide range of areas across the business, predominantly around health and safety, quality, standards and training. I also look after our apprenticeship scheme inductees, ensuring they are receiving the right levels of training and support to enable them to succeed on their course and join us as permanent employees on completion.


Which departments do you work closely with?

I work with the majority on departments across S&S Distribution and the wider Palletline group, including HR, Health and Safety, Operations, Marketing and customer services. However, as I’ve been with the business for such a long time I do my best to support any colleague across the company.


What are the challenges of your role?

Any changes in the economy, legislation and policy bring challenges for my role. Often that can require the development of further training courses for the team, additional paperwork and policies to be written or even a drive on additional resources and recruitment.


What do you like / enjoy about your role?

Supporting my colleagues and customers is one the most rewarding aspects of my role, but I also appreciate the continuous development and training opportunities available in our sector. I’ve completed an international CPC qualification and recently passed my Nebosh diploma - There’s always more to learn in this industry.


What would you say to someone that is considering starting a career in the logistics industry?

In my 20-year journey, the logistics and transport sector has seen significant change and I see no signs of that slowing down. It is a sector that is both hugely welcoming and one that provides a platform for all who enter to thrive.

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