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Logistics Profile - Eddy Kelly (Digital Marketing Asisstant)

Name: Eddy Kelly

Job title: Digital Marketing Assistant

Company name: Palletline Ltd

Time with current company: 9 months

Time in current role: 9 months


Tell us a little about your career journey and what made you choose to work in logistics:

I graduated university with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honours in Marketing Management during the beginning of the pandemic and was looking to begin my career in the marketing industry. Graduate schemes were particularly difficult to find during this time and so I began freelancing for local businesses to gain some experience in the hope that it would help me get an entry level marketing role.

A recruiter approached me with an opportunity as a Digital Marketing Assistant at Palletline and they offered me the training and experience I needed to start my career in marketing. Logistics wasn’t something I was particularly knowledgeable about or a sector I had initially considered.


What does an average day at work look like for you?

My average day varies, but usually I start by checking social media for all the latest news from our network members (97 haulage businesses across the UK) and the wider industry. As a small team of two, we have regular meetings to discuss priorities and brainstorm ideas for campaigns we are working on.

We design everything in-house meaning I work on a variety of design projects and create artwork from scratch, which can then be brought to life as I liaise with suppliers to get them produced physically. I look after the social media, digital marketing and print requirements for 10 brands in the Palletline Group and work with each business to support their individual marketing needs.


What are the challenges of your role?

The majority of the content I create is promoted digitally and this can be a very crowded and competitive space. Tracking analytics and developing strategies so that I can be adaptive in my approach is key to ensure we are successful in our campaigns.

Additionally, I am new to logistics so my knowledge of the industry is still growing. I’m also new to working for a large company so this often pushes me out of my comfort zone. For example, I recently visited four different businesses in the Palletline Group, meeting new people face to face in person.


What do you like / enjoy about your role?

I am gaining a lot of experience and developing new skills within marketing that are transferable and useful.  My role is hybrid which works great for me because I can work from home which allows me to get my head down and focus, or in the office for a more collaborative session with my manager and alongside the team at the hub.


What would you say to someone that is considering starting a career in the logistics industry?

Logistics provides a variety of opportunities in different roles, whether you’re interested in sales, marketing, admin or becoming a HGV or forklift driver, there’s something for everyone. From my experience, every person I’ve met within the industry loves their job and are a pleasure to work with. You can be sure that the logistics industry isn’t going anywhere.

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