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At Palletline We're Passionate About What We Do

Palletline is the UK's first premium palletised freight distribution company, operating right across the nation and Europe. Our carefully selected members work collaboratively to provide the best possible services to each of our customers.

We're passionate about what we do

Palletline is the UK's first premium palletised freight distribution company, operating right across the nation and Europe. Our carefully selected members work collaboratively to provide the best possible services to each of our customers.


From our launch in 1992, Palletline has revolutionised the way pallets are transported, through our forward thinking approach to development and ‘hub and spoke’ distribution method. Palletline and innovation go hand-in-hand; we are constantly embracing new technologies and improving our business models to increase the speed and efficiency of our services, whilst helping to reduce pallet delivery costs for each of our customers.


Today, Palletline continues to reinvent the industry standard; combining the highest levels of customer service with industry leading innovation, such as our custom Contrado technology.

What do we do?

Palletline’s efficient services and innovative business model are tailored to meet the exact requirements of our customers for a reliable and efficient service. Our 96 depot network provides cost-effective pallet distribution to thousands of businesses and customers across Europe, each and every day.


We can deliver pallets of all shapes and sizes’, ranging from singular pallets to a full lorry load. Palletline’s versatility allows us to meet all of our customers’ needs with a dynamic business model that minimises driver time on the road, but maximises the efficiency for deliveries through our dedicated network of members. Customers have a wide range of delivery options from overnight to next working day or economy services; we offer solutions for all pallet needs. Our wealth of services, options and vehicles have established us as an industry leading network.

How does it work?

Palletline is a co-operative of the UK's finest hauliers, creating a dedicated network to deliver palletised freight across the UK and Europe. Our member dynamic works through selection processes that ensures each member can withhold the Palletline standards across the board. As results of this, each of our members are proud to partner with Palletline and contribute to our long-term stability, consistent high performance and dynamic shareholder business model.


Each member covers a specific region, constructing a network that covers the entirety of the UK and Europe.  Members collect pallets from customers and exchange them at a central point or 'hub'. This creates a simple system that allows transparent tracking of all pallets from members to hubs right through to final delivery.

Our locations

Palletline is made up of five regional hubs across the UK in: North London, Glasgow, Haydock, Birmingham and Coventry. At each hub, pallets are carefully consolidated and passed through rigorous inspection and quality checks before being despatched for delivery through our network of members. This system allows Palletline to supply an efficient and quick service for our customers and security for each of our employees.


Quality is what makes Palletline a truly sustainable enterprise. Our tailored hub system dramatically reduces road miles and minimises potential environmental impact, whilst still providing a remarkable service and supportive growth for our customers and members alike. Our innovative model has seen us grow year-on-year into the leading pallet network we are today.

What sets us apart?

Constant innovation and revolutionary ideas allows Palletline to give customers a vital edge in today’s challenging and competitive business environment.With constant innovation at the heart of all we do and a dedicated team backing our growth, Palletline are able to offer each of our customers that vital edge in today’s competitive environment.


Palletline’s statistics speak for themselves; we’re proven to offer the highest levels of quality service within the industry. Providing our customers with a pallet network they can trust to deliver their consignments on time and in full, every time.


Our customers can easily book collections and track pallets throughout their journey lifetime thanks to Palletline’s bespoke online technology. Innovations in scanning have been a major focus for Palletline and our investment ensures a market leading digital signature capture rate and a reliable proof of delivery.

What proves it?

Palletline was the first network to achieve the hat-trick of internationally recognised quality, safety and environmental accreditations – with ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 accreditation. As leading innovators in the industry, this confirmed our dedication to continually improve our services across the board.


In 2012, we were presented with the coveted title of Network of the Year at the Motor Transport Awards. In 2013, Palletline and our members went one step further – taking home more awards than any other organisation including the prestigious Team of the Year and Safety in Operation Awards. In 2015, Palletline celebrated winning the Motor Transport Safety in Operation Award, with our staff always striving to be recognised further for our excellence. In 2017, Palletline won the Motor Transport Safety in Operation Award for the third time!