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Palletline HQ

Palletline’s central hub is conveniently located in Solihull, situated next to Birmingham’s international airport in the West Midlands. Since 2009 it has provided an easy and convenient location which has trebled our pallet throughput capacity. On its first full day of production, 10,000 pallets were moved, a telling sign of things to come. The central hub has been vital in our growth and our record of 20,106 pallets moved within 24 hours.

As a centre for innovation, Palletline HQ is continually working to improve our services and the levels of efficiency that we can offer to each of our customers. With a bespoke approach to track and trace and a vast range of pallet delivery options, our members and customers have access to market-leading technology, across the nation. 

The inclusion of a drive-through, side loaded operation further reiterates Palletline’s innovative approach. We were the first palletised distribution network to do so and the system ensures leading health and safety standards within every aspect of our business.

Our tailored quality control centre rigorously checks freight and vehicles, with each vehicle having to pass through advanced scanners twice during their time at the central hub. These standards ensure complete transparency and a consistent, high-quality service level. With an impressive turnover of pallets since day one, Palletline HQ is an instrumental and vital piece of the Palletline puzzle.