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Truswell Haulage Joins Palletline



One of the oldest haulage companies in the UK joins its first choice network after a quarter century wait.

It was love at first sight when in 1992 Truswell Haulage was flirting with joining Palletline, one of the founding pallet network members, to establish a long-term partnership servicing the Yorkshire postcodes.

But it was a love that was out of time as Truswell was beaten to the prize by another south Yorkshire company and the then Sheffield-based family business settled for successful ‘going steady’ relationships firstly with Pall-Ex and latterly Palletforce.

But Truswell, which began its life more than 120 years ago delivering goods with horses and carts before becoming one of the early adopters of the internal combustion engine, still carried a torch for Palletline.

So when Palletforce was sold to venture capitalists last year, Ian Truswell, a grandson of the founder, and third generation of the family, looked to a future where the business could rekindle the earlier bonds.

“We were very excited to become reacquainted with Palletline, because it was our first choice of network all those years ago, but we were beaten to the post back in 1992.

“So, when Palletforce was unexpectedly sold, we jumped at the chance to join Palletline – it has taken all these years, but we have come full circle,” said Ian, whose business has long-standing specialist relationships with the dominant steel industry in south Yorkshire.

Although it’s main operations are now located in Barnsley, the business, which also specialises in the movement of plant and agricultural equipment, has in addition to Sheffield, depots in Scunthorpe and Lanarkshire, and manages a fleet of 250 trailers.

“The relationship with Palletline commenced 12th March and it feels great to be working with people we know and trust,” said Ian.

“The next big milestone in our historic business will be managing Brexit and the new chapter, challenges and opportunities that it will inevitably bring to companies such as ours. But we are delighted to have at last come home to Palletline and look forward to our future partnership,” he added.

Graham Leitch, managing director of Palletline, said: “This is a romantic story of two companies that were like the proverbial ships in the night the first time around as they just missed each other in 1992. Now 25 years on, we have another chance to put that right and to work together for the benefit of our businesses and the entire Palletline network.”