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Read NOW our Q&A’s With This Year’s Excellence Award Winners

A common goal……
Is what unites the people of Palletline. No matter which member business you work for, or which department within PLC you serve, ultimately, everybody is in it together! Pulling forward in the same direction is the key to staying ahead. The passion of our people and teams throughout the organisation is genuinely what sets our network apart, as a combined force, from the competition. It is time to hear from our colleagues.

Amy Liston
Head of Commercial Development

Darren Beaven, Gregory Distribution

David Blanche, Alan R Jones

Ed Sanderson, Stephen Sanderson Transport

Gareth Tapp, Alan R Jones

Graham Marlow, Stephen Sanderson Transport

Ian Jones, Alan R Jones

Jason Marris, Caistor Distribution

Jason Wright, Miniclipper Logistics

Linda Beavan, Alan R Jones

Mark Gallagher, HMT Group

Mike Morrice, Gregory Distribution

Peter Masters, Miniclipper Logistics

Scott George, Caistor Distribution

Tom Green, HMT Group