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Palletline London Recognises Long Service

Here at Palletline we recognise that a strong business is built on quality and consistency – so staff that stay for the duration are genuinely the reason for Palletline’s continued success.  As such, we would like to take the opportunity to thank three of our drivers who are celebrating 10 years with Palletline London - Jason McBride, Dave Harper and Rowan Davies.

Matthew Garland, General Manager, Palletline London comments: “The loyalty and dedication Jason, Dave and Rowan have shown throughout the years is outstanding.”

Garland continues: “Jason is well known to all of our customers and continues to go the extra mile to help us out, especially during busy periods. We both share a love for heavy metal music however I must confess he looks more the part than I do – we’re still unsure if he or his beard is more famous around the area. Dave is our ‘legendary’ night trunk driver who is well known for ensuring our curtain rails are always greased. Rowan is extremely reliable and punctual, he is always in 30 minutes before his shift starts and he makes delivering into W1 and W2 (Central London) look like a piece of cake.”

The network would also like to reiterate it’s thanks to all employees for their continued commitment to making Palletline the best network!

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