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Logistics Profile - Louise Farren (Customer Service Manager)

Name: Louise Farren

Job title: Customer Service Manager

Company name: Palletline London

Time with current company: 7.5 years

Time in current role: 3.5 years


Tell us a little about your career journey and what made you choose to work in logistics:

I started out as a customer service agent, supporting with customer queries, visiting clients and dealing with any issues that may have arisen whilst goods were out on the road.

I was appointed in 2019 as Customer Service Manager and lead a team of 12, including five customer service agents.


What does an average day at work look like for you?

In addition to running the customer service department, I also support with sales, invoicing, key account management and, from time to time, our general operations if we find ourselves short-staffed. It really varies depending on the needs of the business that day.


What are the challenges of your role?

Having started my journey without any management or customer service experience coming into Palletline London was a bit daunting and I had to throw myself into the deep end and learn on the job.

However, delivering and collecting goods in and around London, coupled with the current price hikes in road-related costs are some of the more challenging aspects of our industry right now.


What do you like / enjoy about your role?

Helping solve or at the very least mitigate issues on behalf of customers gives me such a buzz and keeps my role exciting as more often than not the problems at hand are always different.


What would you say to someone that is considering starting a career in the logistics industry?

I have nothing but positive things to say about a career in logistics as it really does open up a multitude of opportunities and allows you to grow as an individual.

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