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Long Serving Palletline Employees Celebrate 10 and 15 Years’ Service

Here at Palletline we recognise that a strong business is built on quality and consistency – so staff who stay for the duration are genuinely the reason for Palletline’s continued success.  As such, we would like to take the opportunity to thank Paul Rathbone, David Elliott, John Cattermole and Pawel Pluta who are all celebrating 10 years with Palletline and Gary Goulding and Lee Dallow who are both celebrating 15 years with Palletline.

Paul Rathbone joined Palletline back in 2007 in a supervisory role and has since progressed onto managing the day operation, Paul’s wealth of knowledge ensures the day operation runs as smoothly as possible. David Elliot also joined Palletline back in 2007 as an FLT Shunt Operative on the day shift, having previously worked for a Palletline member, David is a very valued member of the day shift. In 2007 John Cattermole also joined Palletline as an FLT Operative and then within a very short period became an FLT/QC Operative. John has helped develop the QC area and some of the processes to what we see today. Pawel Pluta started with Palletline in 2007 as an FLT Operative and is a respected member of the team. Gary joined Palletline back in 2002 as an FLT Operative and possesses a can-do attitude, never letting the pressure of the job get him down. Lee Dallow joined the business in 2002 as a Security Officer and is a committed member of the team.

Graham Leitch, Managing Director, Palletline Plc comments: “It is with great pleasure that I thank Paul, David, John, Pawel, Gary and Lee for their dedication and hard work over the past 10 and 15 years.”

The network would also like to reiterate its thanks to all employees for their continued commitment to making Palletline the best network!

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