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With our continuous commitment towards improving our environmental policies across the board, Palletline works with each of our members to ensure we are doing all we can for the environment. As a truly sustainable enterprise, our business model has been created to reflect the innovative company we have grown to become, and this is reflected in our dedication to decreasing our environmental footprint for future generations.

What we do for the Environment

Thanks to our strategic business model, we have six regional hubs across the nation; this allows us to offer unrivalled coverage which has delivered a large reduction in road mileage. Our environmental impact has affected positively as a result, ensuring we are offering efficient services while still supporting the long-term successes of customers and members alike.

Our team’s dedication to providing services that are environmentally friendly operates internally from our national hub right through to individual deliveries across the nation and Europe. We have switched to LED lighting across our hubs, which has led to a massive 69% saving on our external lighting power use alone, with an additional 50% saving on internal lighting. These small steps are all part of our larger movement to improve our environmental impact.

With continuous developments in the way we treat pallet waste and the improvement of the re-use in good pallets, we no longer buy in pallets for re-palletising or stationary runs, we now recycle our good waste pallets. This has reduced the number of wood skip exchanges significantly. Further than this, with better management of the way pallets are loaded, we have seen a reduction of 30-40% of required skip changes. 

We operate with a waste management system that allows us to separate waste into five key areas. This ensures that all waste is recycled where possible or disposed of in ways that have the least impact on our environment.

To find out more about the steps we are taking to improve our environmental footprint, get in touch with a member of the team here.

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