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How Does It All work?

Palletline’s revolutionary hub and spoke palletised distribution system can best be described by thinking of it like a bicycle wheel. At the end centre of the wheel is the Palletline Hub, with each spoke being a member within our network. These all combine and work together to move the company forward.

We operate seven Palletline hubs across the UK, our central facility near the NEC in Birmingham and five regional hubs in Manchester, North London, Leicester, Coventry  and Glasgow. Hubs manage deliveries for their local area, dramatically reducing miles travelled by drivers; this has a knock-on effect on our environmental impact thanks to our drivers spending less time on the roads.

Palletised Distribution in Operation

Palletline members collect freight from customers in their specified area and identify any consignments that are outside of their local area. They then use our sophisticated scanning system on each pallet and trunk their networks freight to their local hubs. Each pallet is rigorously checked, scanned again, unloaded and sorted into delivery areas.

Each member then collects their networks palletised freight for their local area, this ensures that minimal mileage is spent on the roads for each of our members, keeping our costs and environmental impact as low as possible. Pallets are then scanned again and subject to further quality checks before leaving Palletline’s hub.

It all happens overnight. Simple, yet effective.

Freight is then returned to the local delivery depot, to be scanned, checked and sorted into specific delivery areas. Shipments with specific timed deliveries or certain needs are noted and carried out.

Deliveries are completed, and a digital proof of delivery is uploaded to our online system that can be accessed by the customer. This speeds up the process as documents can be accessed online from minutes after the delivery is complete.

Get in touch with the team to see what palletised solutions we can offer you and your business.

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